Cosmetic Dermatology Society India
CDSI aims to bring science to concept of beauty. In this rapidly advancing field which is getting rapidly popular, it is necessary to keep a clear and rational perspective.
This year we are proud to conduct our 21st Annual congress “CosdermIndia 2017” from 21st July 2017 to 23rd July 2017 at Mumbai.


Editorial Column

It is now a few months since the last issue of CDSI journal was published. We have happy memories of the Mumbai conference of CDSI which was a lively two day affair with delectable academic feast.

CDSI popularity is growing as ever. The office bearers have changed but the objective and purpose remains the same. The popularity of the field and the society is growing rapidly and it is therefore important that the journal too continues its publications. However, very few people are contributing to it. We therefore request members to please come forward and share their knowledge, ideas and opinions. You may write

Suggestions, opinions and views are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you now and always.

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CDSI Newsletter-Dec-2016 Issue
CDSI Newsletter – Volume 1, Issue 1
CDSI Newsletter – Volume 1, Issue 2