Palm Kernel Oil Press Machine

6yl-130 Screw palm kernel oil press is an advanced oil expeller machine which retains the benefits of traditional oil press with sturdier structure and adds an automatic heater for hot extrusion that increases the rate of oil output. The Model 6yl-130 palm kernel oil press machine has large capacity and reliable performance and it is suitable for small farms of 3-15 hectares, processing with supplied materials from outside for individual household or pre-pressing in submerging oil workshops. It is favored by large and medium-sized sized oil extrusion workshops due to its advantages of economical and practical. The palm kernel oil press can be used to process seeds from a variety of oil plants and enjoys great popularity among customers in Africa and South America.

Functional Features of 6yl-130 Palm Kernel Oil Press
1. Energy saving. 40% of electrical power can be saved with the same output;
2. Novel design and reasonable structure with fully automated device;
3. High carbon steel is used through high-frequency quenching and heat treatment with high hardness, strength and good abrasion resistance;
4. Infrared temperature control system is used to control the pressing temperature and water rate automatically, soften the oil plants directly and activate the oil molecules and the oil extraction rate is greatly improved;
5. Adopts forced blanking device to ensure average feeding speed;
6. Labor saving. 60% of labor force can be saved, one or two people can start production.
7. Wide application: more than 20 kinds of oil plants such as peanut, sesame, rapeseed, soybeans, oil sunflowers and flax can be processed with the palm kernel oil press.
8. Pure oil. Vacuum filter residue to guarantee the oil and pure.

Main Process of Mechanical Extraction for Palm Kernel Oil

Mechanical extraction processes are suitable for both small and large capacity operations with palm kernel oil press machine. Below are the three basic steps of palm kernel oil extraction:

Palm fruit- sterilizing – threshing – crushing – pressing – clearing – drying – filtering – raw palm oil.

Cakes discharged from the palm kernel oil press would be processed by the cake breaker for separating of the slag and kernels. Then, centrifugal shelling is made to shell the palm nut and get net palm kernel. Proper pre-treatment of palm kernel is necessary to extract the oil from the kernels efficiently. The feed kernels must first be cleaned of foreign materials that may cause damage to the palm kernel oil press. Then, the palm kernel would be milled into small particles and heated and pressed by the palm kernel oil press. The raw palm oil is purified with a filter press and filled for selling.