Palm Oil Mill Plant

Palm fruit oil mill plant adopts the most advanced technology from the palm fruit oil extraction to refining fractionation and palm kernel refining production line.

Palm oil and palm kernel oil mill plant process:
1.Weighing: the palm fruit should go through the weighbridge for weighing before being transported  into the factory for easy cost settlement and calculation after processing.
2.Unloading: after unloading, FFB would be sieved to remove impurities and into the conveying machinery to the sterilizer. The time from picking to sterilizing process should not be too long.
3.Sterilizing: after entering the sterilizer, FFB would be cooked under high pressure and temperature and prepare for the later process. The sterilizer is the patent of our company, the quality of which is widely praised by customers at home and abroad.
4.Shelling: FFB soften in the sterilizing process, palm fruit and empty fruit bunch would be separated by the threshing machine and sieve.
5.The empty fruit bunch would be sent to the orchard after hoarding as fertilizer or fuel, it can also be used for other purposes.
6.Crushing: palm fruit after threshing would be crushed through the mixing and extrusion of the crusher.
7.Pressing: the crushed fruit is extracted by screw extrusion of extractor.
8.Fiber separation: the cake shaped fiber would be sent into the air separation system after smashing to separate fibers and pits.
9.Pit separation: after separating with the fiber, the pit would be divided into kernel and shell by the crusher and through air separation and washing system to separate the kernel and shell. Shells would be stored as fuel into boiler combustion system, while the kernels are stored after drying.
10.Clarification of oil: crude oil after pressing contains certain amount of moisture and impurities. After the preliminary cleaning by the grit tank and vibrating screen, crude oil enters the vertical oil tank for heating and stirring then separated into waste oil and edible vegetable oil. Edible vegetable oil after drying conveying would be sent to crude oil storage tanks. Waste oil is recovered by the sand removing system and centrifugal separation.
11.Palm kernel oil extraction: palm kernel oil extraction process includes crushing, flaking, steaming and frying, pressing. The production process and equipment is similar to that of the general oil.

Refining of palm oil and palm kernel oil:
1.The Palm Oil Refining Process:

                   Phosphoric acid     Activated clay     Spent bleaching clay     Steam
                                 ↓                        ↓                                      ↓                             ↓
Crude Oil→Degumming→Adsorption bleaching→Filtration→Deacidification & Deodorization→Filtration→Cooling & Crystallization→Filtration→Palm Oil
 2.Palm Kernel Oil Refining Process:

              Phosphoric acid  Clay
                          ↓                /
Crude Oil→Degumming→Filtration→Deacidification & Deodorization→Filtration→Refined Oil
                           ↓                           ↑
        Spent bleaching clay      Steam