Cosmetic Dermatology Society India
CDSI aims to bring science to concept of beauty. In this rapidly advancing field which is getting rapidly popular, it is necessary to keep a clear and rational perspective.
This year we are proud to conduct our 21st Annual congress “CosdermIndia 2017” from 21st July 2017 to 23rd July 2017 at Mumbai.


CDSI Scholarships: *conditions apply

CDSI Committee has decided to award 4 Scholarships of Rs.50000/- each, every year.

Eligibility for Scholarship

 Candidates must be CSI/CDSI members at the time of application.
 2 years of active participation in Congress Program, other CDSI events, website and write-ups.
 Candidates must submit their Curriculum Vitae to be reviewed by the CDSI Committee Members.
 Last date of scholarship applications is 30th September for each year.