Sunflower Oil Mill Plant

Sunflower oil mill plant, It adopts the most advanced technology to produce the sunflower seed oil of best quality.

Sunflower oil is golden with refreshing texture. It contains vitamin A, B, D and E, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The basic processes are: pretreatment–pre press–extracting — refining.

The pretreatment process:
Sunflower seed—cleaning—shelling– shell and kernel separation—flaking—cooking– pre pressing—crude oil–cake
 Extracting process:
                                           solvent                solvent recovery
                                                 ↓                               ↓
Sunflower seed cake→ extractor→ mixed oil treatment→ crude oil

Recovery of solvent← evaporation of wet meal → finished meal

Refining process:
Sunflower seed crude oil→phosphoric acid degumming→washing and drying→dewaxing→decoloring→ physical deacidification and deodorization→dewaxing→ refined oil
When the sunflower seeds are filtered through the vibrating screen and wind sorting box, they would be sent into the sheller to separate the shell and kernel. After softening, the moisture should be adjusted to 8-9% for flaking. After steaming and frying, sunflower seeds would be sent into the pre pressing process. The oil produced through pre pressing would be refined after filtering and pre pressing cakes are into the extractor to get the sunflower seed meal and crude oil. Then, the crude oil would be sent into refining equipment.
Our company can design the configuration of sunflower oil mill plant according to customer’s requirements and target price. Under normal circumstances, the engineer will configure the latest technology for customers.
Process characteristics of sunflower oil mill plant produced by our company:
1.Adopting the extractor, different extractors can be used according to different yield. The penetration effect is good and the wet meal contains less solvent. The residual oil in the meal is less than or equal to 1.0% when there is less solvent. It increases the concentration of mixed oil and reduces the number of solvent evaporation; our extractor has compact and reasonable structure and convenient for transportation.
2.The heat exchanger is used to recover heat energy, which is energy conservation and heat energy saving.